Walking with Ease by Carrie Day

Walking with Ease

How do you feel when you walk? Think back to the last time you took a walk – were you rushing to go somewhere? Were you taking a slow stroll through the woods or on the beach? Getting up from the couch to grab a snack from the kitchen? Can you give your walk an adjective – like smooth, heavy, light, clunky? Walking upright and on two feet is a quintessential human movement, but sometimes the more experience we have in the world we start to feel like walking is not enjoyable or as easy as it could be.
When we first learn to walk as babies, we fall down, we get back up, then fall again. Learning to walk takes some trial and error to get just right. What happens to our perfect human walk when “life” happens? Our hips can get achy, our knees and ankles can start to creak, maybe our low back aches too when we’re upright at all. Why? Muscle habits and adaptation can make it seem like we’ve “forgotten” how to walk, making it uncomfortable and even painful. 

Somewhere along the line, we get stuck in habits that can cause us to "forget" what we learned as kids. In these lessons, we'll break down how humans walk, and work to smooth out any kinks & bumps that may be holding you back from free & easy walking. 

What's included?

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WalkwEase L1
34 mins
WalkwEase L2
36 mins
WalkwEase L3
41 mins
WalkwEase L4
44 mins
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