Unraveling Neck & Shoulder Tension by Carrie Day

Unraveling Neck & Shoulder Tension

These 4 lessons are focused on Unraveling Neck & Shoulder Tension (my personal favorite!). Like many people, I hold my stress & tension in my neck. That tension leads to all sorts of fun (not so much) like headaches, migraines, pinched nerves, & herniated discs, to name a few. There are so so so many delicately balanced muscles keeping your head upright in gravity, it's easy for any one of those muscles to mess up the whole system. And then hard to figure out how to unravel that pain when it feels like the whole system. In these lessons, we will explore how to recognize the onset of neck pain, use gentle movements to alleviate it, and (hopefully!) prevent it in the future. 

What's included?

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Unraveling Neck & Shoulders L1
31 mins
Unraveling Neck & Shoulders L2
31 mins
Unraveling Neck & Shoulders L3
34 mins
Unraveling Neck & Shoulders L4
41 mins
Unraveling Neck & Shoulders PDF Guide
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