Exploring Seated Somatics by Carrie Day

Exploring Seated Somatics

A much needed class for 2020! This class explores how Somatics can help while seated, focusing on the breath and finding a "safe space" when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. You always have access to your body and your breath. 

While seated upright or standing, we often think of "posture" as one single way of being upright, but posture is more about how your muscles work together to hold you upright in the most efficient way. All of our muscles in the center work together, so when one side pulls down, the other side adjusts so we don't fall over in gravity. In this half hour, we use the breath and lengthen to see how we can find our own best posture, exploring where the edges of your personal "safe space" is in this moment. 

Special $3 pricing for this fall and as a introduction to my newly available class downloads. 

What's included?

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Seated Somatic Explorations
37 mins